When it comes to cleaning your premises, your car park may be way down on your list of priorities. Often overlooked, this crucial business asset can miss out on the love it needs!

So if your car park has been neglected, keep reading. You’ll discover 10 good reasons why this job needs sorting. As you’ll see, there are far more than appearances alone at stake.

  1.  Image and first impressions mean everything

Let’s start with the obvious.

You don’t get another chance to make a first impression. As clichéd as this sounds, how someone feels when they drive into your car park and step out of their car sets the scene for the interaction that follows.

What message does a filthy car park send? There’s always the risk that at a subconscious – even conscious level – your visitors will decide they don’t want to come again even before they set foot in your front door.

What are you losing because your car park lets you down?

  1. Greater respect

Remember how you felt when you first got your new phone. In the beginning, you took great care of it. You were careful where you put it down. You did everything you could to stop it from getting damaged.

Fast-forward to the end of your contract and you don’t care so much. The screen is scratched, it’s no longer the latest model, and you’re too busy thinking about getting your hands on the next one! It’s the same with your car park. As soon as you no longer care about it, no one else will either.

So keep the expectations high with regular cleaning. When it feels like new, it’s more likely to be treated as new.

  1. Get rid of those smells!

Petrol and oil stains are almost inevitable in a well-used garage.

But the accompanying smells don’t have to be a permanent fixture. As well as removing a multitude of sins, a commercial clean can deodorise your car park too. It won’t end up smelling of roses, but at least your visitors won’t feel grimy just because they parked up in your car park.

  1. Get rid of that grime!

When it comes to your car park, it’s not just the surface that gets dirty. Fumes can discolour the ceilings and if you have stairwells, everyday foot traffic will soon grind in the dirt and grime. So for a fresher appearance all around, make sure you clean all those nooks and crannies as well as the obvious parking spaces. Clean the ceilings, stairwells, doors, pillars, metalwork – even the lights. Taking care of every surface is a simple way to reinvigorate this much-used space and prolong its lifespan too.

  1. Get rid of the chewing gum

No one wants to go home with someone else’s gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes. Not only does old chewing gum look disgusting, but it’s sticky and turns into a dust trap.

With the right equipment, the chewing gum can go. You don’t have to settle for anything less.

  1. Make signage readable again

Do visitors struggle to find the lifts or find it hard to locate their car because they don’t know what floor they parked on?

Thanks to fumes and everyday wear and tear, signs can get dirty too. Prevent complaints before you get them by cleaning your signage as well as the car park’s surface.

  1. Eliminate confusion over parking bays

Have stains and dirt made it hard to see the width of parking bays?

There’s nothing worse than confusion in a car park – especially when you’re in a hurry. Visible parking bay lines are essential if people are to park efficiently without causing an obstruction to anyone else.

Leave zero room for error by getting the lines cleaned so they can be seen. Your visitors, staff, and customers will thank you for it.

  1. Less chance of needing a premature resurfacing job

Of course, a commercial clean removes the obvious dirt and grime that builds up. But did you know it also removes oil spills and even carbon monoxide build up?

These are more damaging than you might think. Oil and carbon monoxide can penetrate your car park’s surface and cause permanent damage? Regular cleaning is far cheaper (and a lot less disruptive) than full-on construction work. So what are you waiting for!

  1. Get it tidy for your new tenant

Do you rent out your premises? Keen to maintain the value of your investment and reduce repair and putting good costs? If so, invest in a car park clean. Set the benchmark for the condition in which you expect your premises to be returned and there’s more chance your tenants will stay on the ball.

  1. Get it cleaned without the disruption

A commercial clean needn’t be disruptive. If your car park is super busy during the daytime, enquire about an out of hour’s service. That way, you can get the cleaning done and continue your every day without missing a step.

Is your car park way overdue a clean?

Here at Alpha Power Cleaning, we can clean any car-parking surface – whether that’s tarmac, brick, or concrete – even painted concrete.

Trust us to remove a multitude of sins from graffiti to chewing gum, oil to petrol stains, dirt and mildew build up. With the right equipment and an enthusiastic team, your car park can get the face-lift it needs for you to feel good about clients stepping out of their car.

To get your free quote, CLICK HERE – there’s no obligation.

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