Alpha Power Cleaning

A local, family-run company, nationwide.

Alpha Power Cleaning are a Midlands based, nationwide operating Commercial Cleaning company. Having over 10 years experience in the field, we are perfectly placed to tackle any cleaning applications. We are fully accredited with the relevant authorities, so you are safe in the knowledge we are the right team for your needs. We invest only in the highest quality, most modern equipment, which allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. We have a large team and fleet of vehicles, all again highly-specced, and a wide remit of different applications we can apply them to, from brick and block work, to tarmac and concrete, no job is too much to handle.

Our years in the business have enabled us to build a highly respectable reputation, and references of the highest repute across many different businesses. Below you will find a sample of testimonials from pleased clients, and to the right a complete breakdown of what works we have undertaken, if you do not see a description of the works you have in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss it further, we will find a way to cater to your needs.



Paving and Hard Surfaces

Alpha Power Cleaning specialises in flat surface washing and cleaning. We provide a professional and affordable service for all your exterior hard surfaces. Our state of the art equipment can remove moss, algae, dirt, grime, chewing gum, oil stains, tyre marks and graffiti from a variety of hard surfaces – rejuvenating them to look as good as new! We clean: block paving warehouses car parks playgrounds tennis courts swimming pools and many more more Alpha Power Cleaning use self contained equipment to minimise the amount of spray towards public areas.

Cladding and Building Cleaning

Whatever your cladding or building type, age, condition or material, building height or length, we can inspect, wash and clean it anywhere in the UK. We’ve carried out our comprehensive cleaning services on over 1,000 clad & brick buildings – including supermarkets, retail buildings, warehouses, logistic & distribution centres, industrial units, showrooms, shopping centres, offices, furniture retailers, university buildings, science parks and factories. We provide: Quality work you can trust Routine or emergency projects Work on any type or size of building

Chewing Gum and Graffiti Removal

With vast experience in removing graffiti, from multiple surfaces, we visit the site, plan the safest course of removal then utilise the most effective treatment for each individual problem. Our specialised machines have allowed us to take on the challenge of chewing gum removal. Chewing gum by law is classed as litter and is a problem for every public area in the country. We use a completely self-contained chewing gum removal system. When we simply inject an environmentally friendly cleaning agent into our distinctive machine and combine it with the power of steam (reaching the soaring temperatures of 180°C), it helps break down the chewing gum and when the steam and cleaning agent is released at the head of the cleaning wand it leaves little or no trace of the chewing gum ever being there.

Petrol Filling Stations

Alpha Power Cleaning have vast experience in pressure washing and steam cleaning petrol filling stations. We clean all areas and recognise the risk associated with working in this environment. Alpha Power Cleaning are professionals at cleaning your service station from top to bottom. We will clean all Petrol Pumps, Forecourts, Canopied and Cladding covered areas, we will remove petrol and oil stains from concrete, parking areas and structures. All our staff are fully trained and experienced in the use of the cleaning machinery and chemicals used for the cleaning of your service station, and at least one member of the team will hold a valid SPA Safety Passport. The cleaning of this work is carried out during the times your station is closed so as not to cause disruption to your business. However, due to working restrictions, Alpha Power Cleaning have worked on live forecourts even cleaning the canopy only shutting one lane at a time for minimal disruption.

Drains and Guttering

Do you have blocked drains? Perhaps your gutters need clearing? If so, you can count on Alpha Power Cleaning. High Pressure Water Jetting is extremely effective and can be used on all types of drains and all types of obstructions. The water is so powerful that as well as clearing blockages caused by grease, fat or scale, it can also remove tree roots or any other matter that has become lodged in the drain. Gutters are the first line of defence against water seeping into your house. If your gutters get clogged up, then they don’t function properly. This will cause serious problems including water damage to your outer and inner walls. We offer a fast and non-intrusive gutter cleaning service with all types of guttering cleaned. As a family run business, we are honest and professional and put our customers’ needs first. We offer a reliable service with competitive pricing.

High Level Cleaning

High level cleaning is a specialist industrial cleaning service and should always be undertaken by a professional contractor. With experience in high level cleaning working across all sectors for industrial fabricators, food manufacturers and retail and leisure facilities Alpha Power Cleaning can clean all the higher areas of your premises. Working to stringent health and safety standards our contracts managers complete a thorough risk assessment prior to commencing any high level cleaning operation. Our IPAF trained workmen have experience in using MEWP’s of all sizes on site. Using MEWP’s means we are able Jet wash high level roofing and any other high level Tasks. In addition to our high level cleaning services are experienced staff can also undertake guttering and roof cleaning of any frequency in line with your business needs, allowing Alpha Power Cleaning to be central in all your high level cleaning requirements.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Alpha Power Cleaning pride ourselves with a top of the range solar panel cleaning kit and extensive knowledge on how to professionally clean solar panels. Where possible we can safely carry out residential cleaning on many 4KW solar systems and similar sizes, eliminating the need to walk around on your roof. Using our specialist equipment we can clean from the ground. We can also carry out Commercial solar panel cleaning on ground mounted solar parks and solar farms of all different sizes. We are also able to clean solar panels on a number of different buildings, office or factory roofs, public buildings and farm buildings. All of our operatives hold an IPAF license so we can all use cherry pickers and scissors lifts to work from- accessing higher level enabling us to clean roof mounted solar panels on buildings safely. If man safe systems or edge protection are present, we are happy to work from these in order to clean the solar panels. Pure Water System We do not use any chemicals or detergents for this type of cleaning. We use our purified water system to ensure they are cared for and treated in the best way possible. Clean Solar Panels work more efficiently Solar Panels are more efficient Purified water system eliminates the use of harsh chemicals Rain water will always leave a residue Regular solar panel cleaning will keep solar panels working to their highest efficiency Discounted rates for customers who agree to have their solar panels cleaned and maintained every 6 months. Our solar panel cleaning tools are the best available in the UK marketplace.

Windows & Glazing

We use a high level reach and wash system. Using 100% pure laboratory graded water which is the delivered through our water fed poles up-to heights of 80 feet.


Stone Restoration – Any age, type, colour or condition – Crumbling or covered in ivy or moss and wherever the location, we can clean, re-point, repair and renew. Toilet & Factory floor steam cleaning – We use a vacuum recovery system coupled with our steam pressure washer to clean hard internal surfaces with fantastic results.

  • “I have had several feedback comments from employees saying what a difference it has made to the general appearance of our facility.”

    Michael Avery, Manager LuK

  • “My Partner and I were amazed with the results, and the paved areas look like they have just been laid.”

    Mike Jarrett, Director

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