Hot or Cold Water? Which Is Best For Cleaning Your Commercial Premises?

When you’re getting prices to clean your premises, always check if the quotes include hot or cold water.

It will make a BIG difference to the results.

Here are FOUR reasons why you should also opt for hot.

1. A deeper clean

External dirt can be stubborn – especially when there’s congealed fat and oil or an overgrowth of mould or algae. Cold water will simply smear the dirt around (you wouldn’t wash dishes in cold water, would you?) whereas hot water will dislodge it completely leaving you with a much better clean.

Hot water can tackle also the most stubborn, encrusted residue including oil, soot residue, and chewing gum.

And when it comes to bacterial growth, only steam can remove it. And if you raise the temperature above boiling point, this can ensure slower bacterial regrowth in the future too.

So if you want your premises left sparkling clean and hygienic, you’ll find hot water performs best.

2. More efficient

The hot water used by commercial cleaners can easily exceed 100°C.

Molecules have more energy and move faster the hotter the water becomes. It’s why hot water can soften and loosen congealed dirt more easily at higher temperatures. In comparison, cold water relies on the pressure itself to dislodge dirt. This takes longer and there’s also the chance that stubborn dirt (especially oil and grease) just won’t shift.

But that’s not all… a hot wash will dry quicker too, which means you can get back to using your premises as normal.

3. Less environmental impact

As high temperature cleaning is more efficient, it’s possible to reduce the amount of detergent used. In turn, this can be better for the environment as well as cut costs.

4. Perfect for heavy-duty usage

Premises such as petrol stations, factories, car parks, airports, and other heavy-duty locations are likely to accumulate stubborn dirt due to their high traffic and usage.

A cold water clean is unlikely to remove the build up of dirt, but a hot wash will. So for best results, ensure you check your commercial cleaning has the industrial-grade equipment needed to turn the temperature up.

One choice only

We take pride in our high standards. We love seeing the transformation that a really good clean can make to premises. Sometimes a building encrusted in dirt can look almost new.

That’s why we only use hot water at Alpha Power Cleaning. It’s the only way to get the results that our clients deserve.



So if you want your premises cleaned with hot water, give us a call.

Using the latest jet wash techniques we can clean anything – whether that’s fascia, brickwork, block pacing, signage, or windows.

To get your free quote, simply call 024 7630 4194.

How To Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Thanks to the recent heat wave, we’ve all been out and about enjoying the good weather.

Maybe it’s the first time this year you’ve sat on your decking or patio and surveyed your garden.

It’s all too easy to neglect your outdoor spaces.

When you’re hibernating over the winter, your garden can get neglected and if the weather isn’t kind, you rarely venture outside!

But when you do, you want to be able to enjoy your garden to the full.

You want to be able to sit out and enjoy your surroundings – not cringe at the grubby patio paving or the grimy decking.

And not only is this unsightly, but poorly maintained surfaces can present a slip hazard too.

The good news is that it doesn’t take too long to get your outdoor spaces looking spick and span. With the right equipment, you can be enjoying BBQs and eating al fresco – without beating yourself up for the mess!

Here are our top tips:

1. Sweep it up

While trees and shrubs look beautiful, falling leaves can wreak havoc if left unchecked. Remember, dead vegetation will decay into soil and this attracts weeds like a frenzy. Before you know it, your beautifully laid block paving is full of hardy weeds that look unsightly and dislodge the blocks.

You can slow this process down by sweeping away leaves and vegetation before they start to rot. So get in the habit of sweeping up pathways, decking, and paved areas regularly.

Not only will this keep your outdoor areas looking neater, but you’ll cut down on your weed problem too.


2. Keep it short

After slow growth over the winter, grass starts growing with a vengeance as soon as the warmer weather hits. Left untamed your lawn soon becomes a hotbed of weeds, but keep the lawn neatly mowed and you’ll reap the benefits.

Who else wants to sit, sunbathe, or play on a bed of lush green?

3. Keep it clean

A hot water jet wash can quickly remove moss, grime, and ground in dirt from your outdoor seating areas.

Hot water is always a better choice – for THREE key reasons:

  • A deeper clean – hot water removes the stubborn dirt that cold water can’t touch
  • A more efficient clean – hot water cleans and dries quicker than a cold clean
  • Less environmental impact – hot water reduces the need for harsh chemicals


Remember, the longer you leave it between cleans the more the risk of damage increases. You spent a lot of money (or a lot of time) creating your outdoor seating space, so protect your investment. Cleaning will make a big difference.

4. Keep it clear

Summer is a good time to check your guttering and downpipes too. With spring blooms following a winter of falling leaves, there’s a chance your home’s drainage system may have some blockages.

Blockages can damage your home as well as causing unsightly overflow onto your outdoor areas. So take the opportunity of dry weather to clear out your drains. We recommend you call in the experts for this so you don’t have to balance on a ladder. And because we have rod-mounted cameras, we’re able to look deep into the downpipes and remove the things that aren’t visible.

Get BBQ ready

There’s nothing better than retiring to your garden after a busy day at work. Chilling with a glass of something while enjoying the warm weather is a great way to relax and recuperate.

So don’t put a dampener on your summer by compromising with unsightly areas.

Instead, get a quote to have your decking, patio, block paving (and any other outdoor surface) cleaned with a hot wash. Remember to get your guttering cleaned and cleared at the same time.

These simple acts of maintenance will not only prolong the life of your home, but they’ll ensure your home gives you more pleasure too.

Spring into action – your outdoor cleaning checklist for the new season

Winter may be cold, icy, and wet.

But on the plus side, there are fewer leaves and slower vegetation growth – good news if you have outdoor spaces that you need to keep looking spick and span.

So right now you may be feeling on top of your paved areas, guttering, and stairwells.

But don’t get too comfortable because spring is just around the corner!

So before the leaves return and weeds appear in their abundance, it’s time to get your head around the tasks you need to take on.

Remember, the more preventative action you take now, the easier it will be to stay on top of the areas you want to keep under control.

1. Have a thorough sweep up

It’s well worth starting out the season with the way you intend to carry on.

So grab a leaf blower and work all over your outdoor spaces to remove any fallen vegetation. As organic matter decomposes it creates soil, which promotes the growth of more greenery.

By removing the leaf litter quickly, you reduce the opportunities for weeds to spring up in the places you don’t want them.

2. Check for access

Have certain parts of your grounds become overgrown?

Are there trees or shrubs that need cutting back to create easier access for customers and staff?

If so, now is a good time to sort out the landscaping work. If you’re quick, you may be able to take action before birds start nesting. That way any action you take will be less disruptive to your local wildlife.

3. Clear your guttering

Thanks to the winter rainwater, your guttering has been working overtime.

So if you didn’t get around to cleaning and clearing your building’s drainage system in the autumn, now would be a good time to do so. Remember, your guttering ensures excess water is diverted away from your building. This is an essential protective measure to minimise and avoid damp damage.

Thanks to modern equipment, it’s easier than ever to ensure your gutters are nice and clear.

We have camera-mounted rods, which we can use to get up close and ensure there’s no unwanted vegetation taking root.

4. Graffiti removal

Have your outdoor spaces been used as a canvas for local ‘artists’?

The good news is you don’t have to be stuck with artwork that isn’t to your taste. Thanks to our high-grade industrial cleaning equipment, we can make light work of graffiti – wherever it’s located.

We can remove chewing gum too.

So if your car park is looking unsightly thanks to gum accumulation, now’s the time to get that sorted too.

5. Gleaming windows

With the weather improving, there’s more incentive to look outside.

But who wants to peer through grimy windows? Enlist the help of a professional cleaner and your windows will soon be clear and bright.

It’s a small job that can make a huge difference not only to your building’s appearance, but to how your staff and customers feel about your premises too.

6. Stay on top of your jobs

Cleaning is the job that is never, ever done.

As a result of the elements and the every day use of your building, cleaning work will always be required.

It’s probably a job that takes up a fair chunk of your time too. Even if you don’t do it yourself you have to find the time to get it done – either in-house or through a cleaning company.

We appreciate your time – so we’d like to give some of it back.

With a monthly cleaning plan, you don’t have to think about what needs cleaning on a week-by-week basis. You don’t need to phone around organising cleaners to fit you into their schedule.

Instead, we’ll create one plan that takes care of everything – for one easy monthly payment.

It’s the easiest way to stay on top of your cleaning so your building’s exterior always looks its best.

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service for Your Business

First impressions count. It’s why it’s important to maintain the exterior of your business – something a commercial cleaning company can help you do.

From clean windows, to graffiti removal, to keepings pathways clear and safe, the right commercial cleaning company quickly becomes an asset.

But how do you choose the right company for you?

Here are FIVE questions to ask that will help you make up your mind:

  1. Do you use hot or cold water?

This is an unusual, but important question.

That’s because hot water delivers a better clean. Instead of relying on pressure alone, hot water softens and loosens congealed dirt making it easier (and more efficient) to remove stubborn stains.

And because hot water cleans better, you don’t always have to rely on harsh chemicals.

We only use hot water for every clean.

  1. What results do you deliver?

A top-quality, commercial pressure clean can be transformative. In some cases, it can restore an external area to look almost new.

Check out these before and after photos to see some examples.

So when checking out your short-list, ask to see some examples of what results the company has delivered. And listen to the way they describe their work too. You’ll get a much better clean from a results-driven company staffed by caring people who take pride in doing an exceptional job.

  1. Do you offer sample cleans?

If you’ve not worked with a commercial cleaning company before, you may wonder if it’s a worthwhile investment and question whether you could get the same results if you did the work yourself.

The industrial-grade equipment used by well-trained, enthusiastic staff will always do a better job than in-house staff using cheaper equipment. That’s because a commercial company can afford to invest in the tools that get the best possible results. What’s more, a well-trained team is likely to finish the job quicker and to a higher standard.

But if you still feel sceptical, be sure to ask your short-list if they offer sample cleans.

This is a great way to get an idea of the before and after effect that you could expect as well as an insight into the quality of work.

We offer sample cleans to new customers.

  1. What services do you provide?

When it comes to exterior cleaning, there’s a lot more that needs tackling than you may realise – if you want to keep your premises in good condition.

Obvious jobs include window cleaning and graffiti or chewing gum removal, but the following also need to be tackled periodically:

  • Remove mildew and vegetation that turns fascia and soffits green
  • Clear and clean gutters and downpipes to ensure they work effectively
  • Clean and clear external stairwells and walkways to keep them safe
  • Remove vegetation and accumulated dirt from block paving so it doesn’t look old and worn

Your investment will pay off. Keeping the exterior of your property clean can prolong the life of your building and reduce the need for expensive maintenance and repair work.

We offer a full range of external cleaning services.

  1. Do you trust the business to deliver?

You don’t want to waste money and to ensure you invest wisely, ask your short-list of cleaning companies to provide testimonials or references. In addition, get curious about how each company works and find out if customers refer to their friends or use services again.

We have lots of testimonials from happy customers.

Get an Alpha Clean

Based in the Midlands, we offer nationwide coverage.

Our teams of well-trained, enthusiastic cleaners can clean virtually anything that’s outside. Using industrial-grade pressure washers and hot water, we pride ourselves on our results.

So to ask us these five questions and to get a Commercial Cleaning quote, contact us.

Four Areas To Clean In Your Home

You keep on top of the cleaning inside your home, but what about everything that’s outside?

Your home’s exterior has to weather the ‘predictable’ British weather. Over time, your walls will collect mould and green stuff. Gutters can get blocked and windows quickly get murky – reducing your view.

Sure, you could invest in equipment to get your home looking its best, but if you’d prefer to save time and get a much better finish, call in the professionals!

Here’s what you should aim to clean – on a regular basis:

Your windows

Dirty windows make the outside world look smeary, but it’s not the view alone that regular cleaning tackles.

Did you know that dirty windows could suffer from glass degradation over time?

That’s because glass is porous. As a result it collects dirt along with contaminants such as acid rain, sea spray (if you live in coastal areas), and minerals.

So next time your windows are cleaned, remember the elbow grease is promoting their life as well as keeping them sparkling. In fact, regular cleaning could save you a fortune in premature replacement window costs.

Your gutters

Gutters form an essential part of your home’s drainage system. Clean, clear gutters are important because they ensure any rain or water is diverted away from your home – to stop it getting inside.

But remember, gutters and downpipes can get blocked.

Thanks to the amount of water running through them, any organic matter that collects (such as leaves) turns into soil, which in turn promotes vegetation to take root. As you can imagine, this is not good! Anything that compromises the flow of water through your drains will undermine the effectiveness of your guttering.

So make sure you keep your gutters clean and clear at all times. And while you’re at it, it’s well worth cleaning the facia and soffits too.

Block paving

Can you remember how lovely your patio or driveway looked when you first had it laid?

Unfortunately, that pristine, newly laid look doesn’t last forever. Instead, every day grime and dirt collect in between the individual blocks, and vegetation can grow too.

If you’re not careful, your beautiful exterior can quickly become an eyesore – and a big job to clean up.

Fortunately you don’t need to invest in a new driveway if things have got a little wild out side. Instead, a professional clean can restore your paving to look almost new – so you can feel proud of it again.

Walls, fascia, and brickwork

Your walls take the brunt of the weather, and cleaning can help keep your home looking its best. From cleaning away years of grime to removing mortar stains left after building work, a good clean can enhance your home’s curb appeal with ease.

It’s likely your home is your most valuable asset.

Regular cleaning can help protect that asset and give you an increased sense of pride in your property. And like most things, prevention is better than cure. Regular cleaning helps you stay on top of everything and therefore costs you less in the long-term.

Here at Alpha Power Cleaning, we have the equipment, know-how, and enthusiasm needed to carry out external cleaning work at your home.

We only use hot water – because it cleans better and our trained staff use top-quality, commercial-grade equipment.

It’s the reason you’ll get a result that far exceeds anything you can do yourself. When it comes to outside cleaner, DIY is not better! In fact, it’s safer to let us do it for you because you won’t need to balance at the top of a ladder!

So for an efficient, professional, comprehensive clean, give Neil a call on 024 7630 4194.


How To Prepare Your Premises For Winter

With winter around the corner, it’s time to take action to ensure your premises are not only clean, but also safe.

So keep reading to discover the three simple steps you can take over the next few weeks to cut the damage done by colder, wetter weather.

  1. Clean your gutters, drains, and downpipes

Gutters, drains, and downpipes are a key part of your building’s drainage system.

It’s important to keep these clear to ensure excess water can be efficiently drained away – instead of stagnating and seeping inside.

As you know water damage is costly and disruptive so preventative steps now can save a lot of hassle further down the line.

The problem with gutters is they can collect and accumulate debris. For example, leaves and other vegetation can collect inside the gutters. Once decomposed, this organic matter can promote the growth of more plants as well as moss and lichen. As a result, gutters can get blocked, which reduces their efficiency as a drainage system.

We can sort this problem with a thorough clean.

Using cameras mounted onto an extension rod, we can see what’s lurking inside. Then thanks to professional cleaning equipment, we can clear your gutters and downpipes and get them spotlessly clean.

It’s the easiest way to ensure your drainage system is ready to tackle the torrential rain that is associated with a British winter (and summer for that matter!)

  1. Clean your block paving

As autumn turns into winter, there’s a good chance your driveways, pathways, and any patio areas are becoming increasingly covered with fallen leaves and other vegetation.

As long as the weather stays dry, apart from the aesthetics, this isn’t a big problem.

But as the weather changes and the rain, frost, and even snow comes, decomposing vegetation can become a slip hazard – especially as the leaves turn to soil.

What’s more, decomposing leaves provide a perfect environment for moss and lichen to grow, which can make paving even more slippery.

So cut the risk of slip hazards this year and invest in a deep clean.

Using hot water, our pressure washer makes light work of even the most stubborn dirt and stains. What’s more, a deep clean will remove any lichen and moss and return your block paving to almost new.

So not only will your home or premises look nicer, but they’re less likely to be responsible for an at-work accident too.

  1. Clean fire escapes and stairwells

Fallen leaves and other green matter can pose slip hazards on your external stairwells, pathways, parking areas and if you own commercial premises- fire escapes. As a result, it’s CRITICAL you make the time to clear them – to ensure there are safe exits in the event of an emergency.

This is something else you can employ a professional cleaning company to do on your behalf.

Using industrial-grade equipment, we can clean and clear these important areas to ensure they don’t only look nice, but are safe to use as well.

An easier way?

With so many other priorities filling up your to-do list, winterising your business’s premises may not be top of your mind.

It’s one of the reasons why we launched a monthly payment plan cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers.

Rather than ‘paying as you go’, we’ll create an annual cleaning schedule that’s tailored to your needs. Simply pay a fixed fee every month and we’ll ensure everything is cleaned at an appropriate time interval.

It means you’ll never need to worry about cleaning your gutters, your block paving or anything again because you can rely on us to do it for you.

It could be the easiest way to ensure your building always looks its best.

To find out more about this service call 024 7630 4194









How to clean your block paving to achieve an ‘almost new’ effect

Is your block paving looking tired?

Perhaps it’s ingrained with dirt over years of use, or the sand has become a hotbed for weeds. Maybe you’ve recently moved an object that covered a section of your path, and this highlighted how dirty it is!

If so, this blog is for you.

You see, you don’t have to lay a new path to get your premises looking its best. That’s because, with the right equipment and lots of enthusiasm, it’s possible to restore block paving to almost new.

Here’s how…

Before & after

Check out this image. It’s typical of the type of block paving we’re called in to clean.


As you can see the brickwork is covered in moss and grime and it’s hard to see the original red colour.

But look at the transformation!

Gone is the moss and weeds and instead, a gleaming patio that looks like it was laid recently.

Imagine the difference this clean would make to your exterior.

Here’s how to get the look.

  1. Sweep

Firstly, sweep the area to remove dust and debris.

  1. Pressure wash

Exactly as the name suggests, a pressure washer sprays water onto a surface at high pressure. As a result, it can remove everything from chewing gum to mould, dust, algae, green growth and even loose paint.

  • Hot water is preferable to cold as higher temperatures are more effective at removing ingrained grease and grime
  • A pressure washer with a rotawash attachment will ensure the water is distributed evenly
  • An appropriate detergent can help remove the most stubborn stains

One more thing… Remember to take care when working with high pressures to avoid damage to the stonework and minimise the amount of jointing sand that’s washed away.

  1. Add sand

If necessary, top up the jointing sand for an even finish.

  1. Seal

Once the paving is clean, seal with a high-quality sealer. This will help avoid staining and also prevents water seeping into the blocks.

Call in the experts!

While this is a cleaning job you can do yourself, you can save time (and get a much better finish) if you hire a commercial cleaner.

We have the tools, knowledge, and enthusiasm to wow you with results and restore your block paving to almost new. Whether that’s your car park, patio area, or driveway, our team are ready to transform your premise’s exterior – so you can impress your customers.

And if you’re wondering why you should choose us, check out this recent feedback.

“Could you please pass on my thanks to the guy who jet washed at Wrexham. He’s done an amazing job and front looks like a new path.” – Andy Gray – B&M Direct

“Alpha Power Clean finished the job to a high standard, and my driveway looks like it has just been laid it looks like new. So thanks Alpha for taking care of my block paved driveway… I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the future.” – Martin McLaughlin, Motor Marks


To book your commercial clean or to get a quote, simply get in touch.