First impressions count. It’s why it’s important to maintain the exterior of your business – something a commercial cleaning company can help you do.

From clean windows, to graffiti removal, to keepings pathways clear and safe, the right commercial cleaning company quickly becomes an asset.

But how do you choose the right company for you?

Here are FIVE questions to ask that will help you make up your mind:

  1. Do you use hot or cold water?

This is an unusual, but important question.

That’s because hot water delivers a better clean. Instead of relying on pressure alone, hot water softens and loosens congealed dirt making it easier (and more efficient) to remove stubborn stains.

And because hot water cleans better, you don’t always have to rely on harsh chemicals.

We only use hot water for every clean.

  1. What results do you deliver?

A top-quality, commercial pressure clean can be transformative. In some cases, it can restore an external area to look almost new.

Check out these before and after photos to see some examples.

So when checking out your short-list, ask to see some examples of what results the company has delivered. And listen to the way they describe their work too. You’ll get a much better clean from a results-driven company staffed by caring people who take pride in doing an exceptional job.

  1. Do you offer sample cleans?

If you’ve not worked with a commercial cleaning company before, you may wonder if it’s a worthwhile investment and question whether you could get the same results if you did the work yourself.

The industrial-grade equipment used by well-trained, enthusiastic staff will always do a better job than in-house staff using cheaper equipment. That’s because a commercial company can afford to invest in the tools that get the best possible results. What’s more, a well-trained team is likely to finish the job quicker and to a higher standard.

But if you still feel sceptical, be sure to ask your short-list if they offer sample cleans.

This is a great way to get an idea of the before and after effect that you could expect as well as an insight into the quality of work.

We offer sample cleans to new customers.

  1. What services do you provide?

When it comes to exterior cleaning, there’s a lot more that needs tackling than you may realise – if you want to keep your premises in good condition.

Obvious jobs include window cleaning and graffiti or chewing gum removal, but the following also need to be tackled periodically:

  • Remove mildew and vegetation that turns fascia and soffits green
  • Clear and clean gutters and downpipes to ensure they work effectively
  • Clean and clear external stairwells and walkways to keep them safe
  • Remove vegetation and accumulated dirt from block paving so it doesn’t look old and worn

Your investment will pay off. Keeping the exterior of your property clean can prolong the life of your building and reduce the need for expensive maintenance and repair work.

We offer a full range of external cleaning services.

  1. Do you trust the business to deliver?

You don’t want to waste money and to ensure you invest wisely, ask your short-list of cleaning companies to provide testimonials or references. In addition, get curious about how each company works and find out if customers refer to their friends or use services again.

We have lots of testimonials from happy customers.

Get an Alpha Clean

Based in the Midlands, we offer nationwide coverage.

Our teams of well-trained, enthusiastic cleaners can clean virtually anything that’s outside. Using industrial-grade pressure washers and hot water, we pride ourselves on our results.

So to ask us these five questions and to get a Commercial Cleaning quote, contact us.

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