You keep on top of the cleaning inside your home, but what about everything that’s outside?

Your home’s exterior has to weather the ‘predictable’ British weather. Over time, your walls will collect mould and green stuff. Gutters can get blocked and windows quickly get murky – reducing your view.

Sure, you could invest in equipment to get your home looking its best, but if you’d prefer to save time and get a much better finish, call in the professionals!

Here’s what you should aim to clean – on a regular basis:

Your windows

Dirty windows make the outside world look smeary, but it’s not the view alone that regular cleaning tackles.

Did you know that dirty windows could suffer from glass degradation over time?

That’s because glass is porous. As a result it collects dirt along with contaminants such as acid rain, sea spray (if you live in coastal areas), and minerals.

So next time your windows are cleaned, remember the elbow grease is promoting their life as well as keeping them sparkling. In fact, regular cleaning could save you a fortune in premature replacement window costs.

Your gutters

Gutters form an essential part of your home’s drainage system. Clean, clear gutters are important because they ensure any rain or water is diverted away from your home – to stop it getting inside.

But remember, gutters and downpipes can get blocked.

Thanks to the amount of water running through them, any organic matter that collects (such as leaves) turns into soil, which in turn promotes vegetation to take root. As you can imagine, this is not good! Anything that compromises the flow of water through your drains will undermine the effectiveness of your guttering.

So make sure you keep your gutters clean and clear at all times. And while you’re at it, it’s well worth cleaning the facia and soffits too.

Block paving

Can you remember how lovely your patio or driveway looked when you first had it laid?

Unfortunately, that pristine, newly laid look doesn’t last forever. Instead, every day grime and dirt collect in between the individual blocks, and vegetation can grow too.

If you’re not careful, your beautiful exterior can quickly become an eyesore – and a big job to clean up.

Fortunately you don’t need to invest in a new driveway if things have got a little wild out side. Instead, a professional clean can restore your paving to look almost new – so you can feel proud of it again.

Walls, fascia, and brickwork

Your walls take the brunt of the weather, and cleaning can help keep your home looking its best. From cleaning away years of grime to removing mortar stains left after building work, a good clean can enhance your home’s curb appeal with ease.

It’s likely your home is your most valuable asset.

Regular cleaning can help protect that asset and give you an increased sense of pride in your property. And like most things, prevention is better than cure. Regular cleaning helps you stay on top of everything and therefore costs you less in the long-term.

Here at Alpha Power Cleaning, we have the equipment, know-how, and enthusiasm needed to carry out external cleaning work at your home.

We only use hot water – because it cleans better and our trained staff use top-quality, commercial-grade equipment.

It’s the reason you’ll get a result that far exceeds anything you can do yourself. When it comes to outside cleaner, DIY is not better! In fact, it’s safer to let us do it for you because you won’t need to balance at the top of a ladder!

So for an efficient, professional, comprehensive clean, give Neil a call on 024 7630 4194.


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