When you’re getting prices to clean your premises, always check if the quotes include hot or cold water.

It will make a BIG difference to the results.

Here are FOUR reasons why you should also opt for hot.

1. A deeper clean

External dirt can be stubborn – especially when there’s congealed fat and oil or an overgrowth of mould or algae. Cold water will simply smear the dirt around (you wouldn’t wash dishes in cold water, would you?) whereas hot water will dislodge it completely leaving you with a much better clean.

Hot water can tackle also the most stubborn, encrusted residue including oil, soot residue, and chewing gum.

And when it comes to bacterial growth, only steam can remove it. And if you raise the temperature above boiling point, this can ensure slower bacterial regrowth in the future too.

So if you want your premises left sparkling clean and hygienic, you’ll find hot water performs best.

2. More efficient

The hot water used by commercial cleaners can easily exceed 100°C.

Molecules have more energy and move faster the hotter the water becomes. It’s why hot water can soften and loosen congealed dirt more easily at higher temperatures. In comparison, cold water relies on the pressure itself to dislodge dirt. This takes longer and there’s also the chance that stubborn dirt (especially oil and grease) just won’t shift.

But that’s not all… a hot wash will dry quicker too, which means you can get back to using your premises as normal.

3. Less environmental impact

As high temperature cleaning is more efficient, it’s possible to reduce the amount of detergent used. In turn, this can be better for the environment as well as cut costs.

4. Perfect for heavy-duty usage

Premises such as petrol stations, factories, car parks, airports, and other heavy-duty locations are likely to accumulate stubborn dirt due to their high traffic and usage.

A cold water clean is unlikely to remove the build up of dirt, but a hot wash will. So for best results, ensure you check your commercial cleaning has the industrial-grade equipment needed to turn the temperature up.

One choice only

We take pride in our high standards. We love seeing the transformation that a really good clean can make to premises. Sometimes a building encrusted in dirt can look almost new.

That’s why we only use hot water at Alpha Power Cleaning. It’s the only way to get the results that our clients deserve.



So if you want your premises cleaned with hot water, give us a call.

Using the latest jet wash techniques we can clean anything – whether that’s fascia, brickwork, block pacing, signage, or windows.

To get your free quote, simply call 024 7630 4194.

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