How To Reverse The Wear on Your Paved Driveway

Do you remember how good your driveway looked when you first had it done? It would have cost you a fair few bob too! Block paving or tiles give you a more aesthetically pleasing finish than concrete, but they’re not cheap. So it’s no wonder you feel frustrated that your driveway no longer looks it’s best.

Instead, it’s covered in moss, the cracks between the paving slabs are full of weeds, and there’s even a spot of oil spillage too.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is just wear and tear.

That it’s just part and parcel of time and the elements wreaking havoc.

But it’s not.

The good news is that with the right tools, enthusiasm, and cleaning solutions, it is possible to restore your driveway to its former glory. (Well, as near as).

Check out these before and after photos.


This is how we achieved the look

  1. Soft washing

Hot water jet washing is a great all-round cleaning tool. Hot water dissolves a lot of grime and muck and makes it easier to remove than scrubbing alone, but it’s not suitable for all surfaces.

That’s because jet washing uses high-pressure water, which can be damaging to some surfaces.

Soft washing is a modern, gentler alternative.

This method uses cold water, but thanks to gentle chemicals, it’s just as tough on dirt without damaging the tiles or render.

There are plenty of other benefits too:

  • Less water is used
  • Results can last longer because the chemicals clear away the spores that cause the organic build-up rather than just blasting away the dirt
  • Less pressure means less noise
  • This system is more gentle meaning it’s more versatile and can be used on more surfaces
  • Much less risk of any damage
  • Better for the environment too
  1. Moss removal

Not only does moss look unsightly on driveways, but it can get slippery too.

Fortunately, moss (and other green stuff) is fairly easy to remove if you have the right tools and chemicals. We always recommend that you start by removing as such growth as possible with a stiff brush. You’ll be surprised how much you can dislodge and remove. This makes it easy to clear away the more resistant areas.

That’s what you need Alpha Moss and Algae remover for. This chemical removes moss, lichen, and algae from most hard surfaces including patios, concrete slabs, brick, tarmac and block paving. It’s biodegradable too.

This chemical needs to be applied to a dry surfaces and shouldn’t be used if you expect rain within 6 hours or it will just wash away.

To get results, simply dilute 1 part chemical with 4 parts water then apply with a watering can or a low-pressure sprayer and leave to work its magic.

We lightly sprayed the solution over the affected areas on this driveway and left for a couple of hours. Once this solution had worked its wonders, the soft wash equipment made light of the work of the clean up.

In fact, you can see the results for yourself in the ‘after’ picture above.

  1. Oil stain removal

Oil can be really tricky to remove. It doesn’t dissolve in water and needs something tougher.

We used Alpha Oil remover in this job. This hard-working chemical is non-flammable, non-caustic, solvent free and safe to use.

It’s versatile too. You can use neat for heavy contamination or dilute with 5 parts water for light duty use.

It’s easy to use too. On this driveway, we applied the Oil Stain remover with a low-pressure spray. After 30-minutes, we used the pressure washer to clean it up.

The oil stain had vanished creating a driveway that looked like the photos you see above.

  1. Re-sand the driveway

With all the nasties removed by the robust cleaning process, the final stage of the process is to replace the sand that’s been lost through wear and tear and during the cleaning.

We laid sand between the individual blocks creating a perfect finish.

Don’t put up

You don’t have to put up with an unattractive, stained, weed-invested driveway!

There’s plenty you can do to restore your home’s (or business’s) kerb appeal to its former glory.

With the right equipment and cleaning solutions, you can restore you property and feel proud of its appearance.

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