With winter around the corner, it’s time to take action to ensure your premises are not only clean, but also safe.

So keep reading to discover the three simple steps you can take over the next few weeks to cut the damage done by colder, wetter weather.

  1. Clean your gutters, drains, and downpipes

Gutters, drains, and downpipes are a key part of your building’s drainage system.

It’s important to keep these clear to ensure excess water can be efficiently drained away – instead of stagnating and seeping inside.

As you know water damage is costly and disruptive so preventative steps now can save a lot of hassle further down the line.

The problem with gutters is they can collect and accumulate debris. For example, leaves and other vegetation can collect inside the gutters. Once decomposed, this organic matter can promote the growth of more plants as well as moss and lichen. As a result, gutters can get blocked, which reduces their efficiency as a drainage system.

We can sort this problem with a thorough clean.

Using cameras mounted onto an extension rod, we can see what’s lurking inside. Then thanks to professional cleaning equipment, we can clear your gutters and downpipes and get them spotlessly clean.

It’s the easiest way to ensure your drainage system is ready to tackle the torrential rain that is associated with a British winter (and summer for that matter!)

  1. Clean your block paving

As autumn turns into winter, there’s a good chance your driveways, pathways, and any patio areas are becoming increasingly covered with fallen leaves and other vegetation.

As long as the weather stays dry, apart from the aesthetics, this isn’t a big problem.

But as the weather changes and the rain, frost, and even snow comes, decomposing vegetation can become a slip hazard – especially as the leaves turn to soil.

What’s more, decomposing leaves provide a perfect environment for moss and lichen to grow, which can make paving even more slippery.

So cut the risk of slip hazards this year and invest in a deep clean.

Using hot water, our pressure washer makes light work of even the most stubborn dirt and stains. What’s more, a deep clean will remove any lichen and moss and return your block paving to almost new.

So not only will your home or premises look nicer, but they’re less likely to be responsible for an at-work accident too.

  1. Clean fire escapes and stairwells

Fallen leaves and other green matter can pose slip hazards on your external stairwells, pathways, parking areas and if you own commercial premises- fire escapes. As a result, it’s CRITICAL you make the time to clear them – to ensure there are safe exits in the event of an emergency.

This is something else you can employ a professional cleaning company to do on your behalf.

Using industrial-grade equipment, we can clean and clear these important areas to ensure they don’t only look nice, but are safe to use as well.

An easier way?

With so many other priorities filling up your to-do list, winterising your business’s premises may not be top of your mind.

It’s one of the reasons why we launched a monthly payment plan cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers.

Rather than ‘paying as you go’, we’ll create an annual cleaning schedule that’s tailored to your needs. Simply pay a fixed fee every month and we’ll ensure everything is cleaned at an appropriate time interval.

It means you’ll never need to worry about cleaning your gutters, your block paving or anything again because you can rely on us to do it for you.

It could be the easiest way to ensure your building always looks its best.

To find out more about this service call 024 7630 4194









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