The Dirty Dozen Areas That Stop Your Property Looking Its Best

It’s dirty out there – and sometimes it feels as though there’s little you can do about it. The weather wreaks havoc on your block paving, walls, and windows. Moss, algae, and other green vegetation take over your pavements, driveways, and patios.

Drains are blocked.

Gutters are full of leaves.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s graffiti on the walls and chewing gum and oil stains on the floor.


Welcome to the ‘dirty dozen’.

The Dirty Dozen

Problematic areas that ruin your home and business and leave you tearing out your hair.

But fear not!

With the right equipment, chemicals, and staff, you can return your property to look almost new.

In this three-part blog series we’re going to show you how. Starting with three monsters – how to get rid of graffiti, oil stains, and dirt on cladding.

Here goes…

1. Unwanted ‘art’ and graffiti

Graffiti can bring down the tone in your workplace by making a car park or building look neglected and uncared for.

It’s why you want to erase the words and images that other people have sprayed on.

This ‘Dirty Dozen’ is especially frustrating because it’s unwarranted and unrequested – and as the property owner you’re the one left responsible for the clean up.

If you’re tried to get graffiti off yourself, you’ll know that paint is notoriously difficult to remove with water and elbow grease alone. It’s why we created Alpha Graffiti Remover.

This powerful chemical makes light work of an otherwise difficult job. Combined with a hot jet wash, you can remove even the biggest ‘mess’.

Time to say farewell to this ‘Dirty Dozen’.


2. Oil stains, no problem

Leaking oil can turn a pristine driveway or car park into a big unsightly mess.

Nobody means to cause an oily problem, but sometimes that over-enthusiastic DIY mechanic at home or that old banger in the work car park leaves stains that water alone can’t remove.

Left unattended, oil can be slippery, and it also spoils the appearance of tarmac or block paving.

It’s why we created Alpha Oil Remover – it’s the perfect way to deal with this Dirty Dozen.

This powerful, highly effective chemical is non-flammable, non-caustic, and solvent free making it safe to use.

It’s highly versatile too. For especially tough stains, you can use the remover neat. For lighter staining, simply dilute with 5 parts water. Next, apply with a low-pressure spray then use a pressure washer to clean it all away.

With this chemical-tool combo, oil stains at your place will be a thing of the past.


3. Dirt on cladding

Bird poo, algae, mold, dirt, and grime all accumulate over time to leave cladding looking dirty. This cleaning nasty makes the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list because filthy cladding turns an otherwise attractive building into a big turn off.

The good news is you can make light work of this dirty job – when you have the right equipment and tools.

Challenges like these are exactly what Alpha Versatile was designed for.

Simply spray the chemical onto the cladding with a hot wash and allow to soak in. Then spray off with a pressure washer and voila – cladding looks clean, sparking, and [almost] as good as new.

And if your cladding is too high to reach with a pole system alone, a cherry picker will ensure you can clean those hard to reach areas too.


Here at Alpha Power Cleaning, we’re ready to sort the ‘Dirty Dozen’ cleaning disasters at your premises – so you don’t have to.

We’ve got the enthusiastic team, the hardworking chemicals, and all the equipment needed to make light work of the jobs you hate.

So don’t let the Dirty Dozen get you down.

Instead, give the Alpha Team a call so we can make light work of the jobs you loathe, procrastinate over, and just want done.

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