The Five Chemicals Your In-House Cleaning Team Need To Do A Good Job

Do you take care of your commercial cleaning in-house? If so, this blog is for you.

If you want to maintain the upkeep of your premises and minimise the need for avoidable maintenance and decoration work, your cleaning routines and rituals are key. That’s because cleaning helps to keep buildings, pathways, stairwells, and car parks etc. in the best possible state.

There’s the vanity factor too.

First impressions count and employees, visitors, and customers will feel better in a well-maintained building.

For sure, your cleaning schedule is key as well as the professionalism and enthusiasm of your cleaning staff.

But there’s another key factor that will impact the standards maintained at your business.

That’s your choice of cleaning chemicals.

For the past 10 years, the Alpha team have tried and tested countless different chemicals in all kinds of tough and challenging situations. Thanks to our dedication to get things clean (regardless of how difficult it first appears), we’ve been experimental and curious.

We’ve found chemicals we love and chemicals that don’t work so well.

We’ve also seen an evolution of product. Thanks to advancements in product design and development, new chemicals have hit the market that enhances the standard of cleaning you’re able to achieve.

So if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your premises – both inside and out – check out this top five list of chemicals.

Your janitorial team will thank you for these!

Multipurpose cleaner


Multipurpose cleaner is the staple of all caretaking cupboards. Choose a multipurpose cleaner/degreaser to keep virtually any surface clean. From hard floors to upholstery, paintwork, to soak tanks, spray cleaning to Venetian blinds, this one-size-fits-virtually-all chemical is a must-have.

Brick and masonry cleaner


The exterior surfaces of your premises take a battering from the elements. The masonry is exposed too and over time, grime, dirt, algae, and a host of other muck can accumulate.

Brick and masonry cleaner helps to remove all of it. You can also use this chemical to remove excess mortar and concrete splash too from a range of surfaces including bricks, blocks, and retaining walls.

It’s a handy chemical to have that will ensure your building looks its best.

Moss and algae remover


It’s unavoidable… natural growth will attack your buildings. Over time, moss, algae, and lichen will grow, causing discolouration on your stonework, timber, patios, driveways, roofs, car parks, and tarmac.

Moss and algae remover does exactly what is suggests. This highly effective chemical will remove unsightly growth restoring your premises to almost new.

Oil remover


Frustrated by the unsightly oil stains on your driveways or in your car park?

Good news, there’s a good chance you can get rid of it with some oil remover. Opt for a non-flammable, non-caustic option and you’ll reduce your environmental impact too.

Anti-vandal solvent


Have your walls got graffiti over them? Good news. There’s a good chance you won’t have to fork out to paint over the mess. With an anti-vandal solvent, simply spray on and wipe away the offending marks. That’s a relief!

Equipping your in-house cleaning team with the chemicals they need to do the job well makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning quality.

Are there products missing from your cleaning cupboard? If so, you can stock up in bulk over at Alpha Chemicals.

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