Three Things To Clean For the New Year

The New Year is upon us! Which means it’s time to take action to get your premises ready for 2019.

Here are the three external things you must clean during January.

  1. Check and clean your drainage system

After the hottest summer for decades, you can guarantee we’re going to have a challenging winter!

Expect wind, heavy rain, and perhaps even a little bit of snow.

When it hammers down (or the snow melts), you’ll be reliant on your gutters, drains, and downpipes to divert all that excess water away from your premises.

So to prevent avoidable flooding and leaks, make sure your building’s drainage system is clean and clear – so water can drain away efficiently.

It’s a simple, preventative step that can prevent a lot of hassle further down the line.

You don’t even have to do it yourself. You don’t need to balance haphazardly on a ladder! Instead, get a commercial cleaning company to do it for you. But make sure they have camera-mounted poles to ensure nothing gets missed.



  1. Clean communal areas

Combine moss, algae, and other decomposing matter and if you’re not careful, your driveways, car parks, and decking can become a slip hazard.

Often you can’t get away with a good sweep up alone. Instead, you need to get a pressure washer to do the job properly. If you don’t, you’ll simply build up a problem in the future.

You’ll be surprised at the results a commercial clean can deliver in this area.

And if you’re worried about high-pressure jet hoses, enquire about softwashing instead.

One way or the other, there are tools and processes that will get your premises safe as well as clean.


  1. Minimise slip hazards

If people need to get out of your premises quickly, you don’t want accidents caused by people falling over.

Autumn and winter are nightmares for causing slip hazard. Fallen leaves decompose and moss gets slippery as it soaks up rain.

The last thing you want is a preventable accident because someone slipped on moss because they were in a panicked rush.

With the right equipment, it’s easy to make stairwells, fire escapes, and pathways both clean and safe.

So don’t have any regrets over the festive season. Instead, invest in some commercial cleaning to help you get the job done.


Preventative as well as aesthetic

Commercial cleaning is about so much more than making your premises look presentable. It’s also a preventative job.

Cleaning helps eliminate slip hazards that could lead to expensive insurance claims.

Cleaning can also prolong the life of buildings.

And cleaning can also reduce the risk of leaks where guttering has become ineffective.

So don’t leave things to chance and don’t leave them until it’s too late. Instead, invest in getting your premises looking their very best.

It could save you a whole heap of cash in the long-term.

And if you’re looking for a reliable company to help, check out our wide range of commercial services.

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