Did you know that one of our specialisms is big scale cleaning projects?


Fact is, we’re just as happy tackling large industrial complexes as we are cleaning residential driveways and patio – because we have the equipment to do it all.

Industrial premises can get dirtier than most. Thanks to vehicle fumes and all kinds of manufacturing activity (whether that’s welding, sawing, burning, and grinding), the muck, grime and grease soon build up!

Add in the weather factor and before long gleaming factories looks grimy and gloomy.

When this happens, it’s not just the dirt you’ve got to worry about. When you don’t care about the way your factory looks, this sends a subliminal message to your staff.

If you don’t care, why should they care?

It’s a slippery slope that can make standards fall – unless you take action NOW.

A commercial clean can transform your premises entirely.


With the right equipment, the dirt is history and the building restored to its former glory. Check out the results from a big clean on an industrial estate in Milton Keynes.


Telescopic poles used to clean out-of-reach windows. Thanks to hot water, these panes were gleaming in no time.


On a big clean like this, it’s crucial no area is left untouched. So for all those hard-to-reach areas, such as upper floors and roofs, staff use an extendable platform. In this example, soft brushes are combined with a liquid mixture to remove moss without blasting the roof. This system helps prevent damage – especially where tiles are present.

This gentle system is perfect for cleaning solar panels too. Did you know solar panels could lose 25% of their efficiency over time due to muck and grime? That’s another reason to keep your premises clean.


In this picture, ingrained dirt is dissolved and washed away thanks to a jet wash fuelled by hot water. You can see the transformation in front of your own eyes!

Ready to enjoy results like this for your business? If so, get in touch. In this case, what happened in Milton Keynes doesn’t have to stay in Milton Keynes!

Our HQ is in Coventry, but thanks to nationwide coverage, we’re happy to share these cleaning ‘secrets’ with other businesses – wherever you’re based in the UK.

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