What Is Soft Washing and Why Is It Better For You, The Environment, and Your Business?

Power washing is an incredibly effective way to remove the grime and dirt from your exterior surfaces.

From walls to roofs, pathways, and parking areas, hot jet washing can help keep your business looking its best.

But there are some situations where high-pressure water can be damaging. For example, if there are loose roof tiles, bricks, pebbledash, or shingle, high-speed jets can cause damage.

In circumstances such as these, the only option used to be a reliance on harsh chemicals.

As an industry, we needed to do better.

Especially given the growing awareness of our environmental impact and a desire to do something about it.

Enter soft washing…

What is soft washing?

This innovative cleaning system gets brilliant results using environmentally friendly chemicals. Once applied, these chemicals biodegrade very quickly and safely making the area safe for people and animals alike.

But it’s not only the chemicals used that makes soft washing different to other cleaning methods.

Soft washing uses low-pressure technology (similar to the type of pressure that comes out of your taps at home). This has some significant advantages over other forms of technology including:

  • Less water is used
  • Results can last longer because the chemicals clear away the spores that cause the organic build-up rather than just blasting away the dirt
  • Less pressure means less noise
  • This system is more gentle meaning it’s more versatile and can be used on more surfaces
  • Much less risk of any damage
  • Better for the environment too

All these benefits while delivering equivalent cleaning results.

What can be soft washed?

Soft washing technology can be used on a wider range of surfaces because it’s low pressure.

It can be used to clean wooden fences and gates as well as painted surfaces and some stonework that wouldn’t stand up to a high-pressure wash.

With soft washing, you can stay on top of a lot more of your external surfaces making your business look better for longer.

Soft washing delivers a thorough clean too.

As well as ground in dirt and grime, this technology can remove mould, mildew, lichens, moss, fungi, red and green algae, pollen, and other organic stains – it can even clean away bacteria and viruses too.

Not only does soft washing clean, it sanitises. And by cleaning away the spores that promote organic growth in the first place, it helps keep your buildings cleaner for longer.

Nothing’s out of reach

Work with a company that has access to all the tools and equipment, and it’s easy to do a thorough job. In the example below, one of the Alpha team is using our telescopic poles to reach all those hard to reach places.

Roof eaves, top storey windows, windows, and other awkward nooks and crannies are no longer a problem.


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